ASME Manufacturing Standard ISO Tank Container T75 40FT for Offshore LNG

ASME manufacturing standard ISO  tank containers t75 40ft for LNG on seaCodes and regulationsRID/ADR, IMDG, ASME VIII DIV 1-2017Ed;T75 UN PORTABLE TANK TIR;UIC;CSC;TC;FRA;CFR49;ISO 1496/3;ISO Standard 1161Guidelines for tank containerT75 UN Portable TankISO Size and type code42K7Maximum Allowed Loading W

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ASME manufacturing standard ISO  tank containers t75 40ft for LNG on sea

ASME Manufacturing Standard ISO Tank Containers T75 40FT for LNG on Sea
Codes and regulationsRID/ADR, IMDG, ASME VIII DIV 1-2017Ed;
Guidelines for tank containerT75 UN Portable Tank
ISO Size and type code42K7
Maximum Allowed Loading Weight17510kgs
Tare Weight11700kgs
Allowed stacking weight192000kgs
Manufacturing license levelInside tankC3
 outside tank 
Max. Working Pressure(Mpa.)Inside tank(MPa)0.75
 outside tank(MPa)-0.1(Vacuum)
Min. Working TempretruesInside tank-196°C
 outside tank-40°C
Design Pressure(Mpa.)Inside tank0.8
 outside tank-0.103
Design TempretruesInside tank-196 °C
 outside tank50 °C
The Main materialCoverinside tankSA-240M  304
  outside tankQ345R
 Shellinside tankSA-240M  304
  outside tankQ345R
 Frame workHollow SectionQ345-D--GB/T1591
  Rolled sectionQ345-D--GB/T1591
Overall Size(Frame)/L*W*H/mm12192*2438*2591
MediaInside tankLNG
Media CharacteristicsInside tankexplosive
PaintFrame30µm +40µm +50µm
 Shell30µm +40µm +50µm
Total Volume(L)45700
Type Of InsulationHigh Vacuum Multi-layer Insulation
MaterialAluminium Foil
Provision for BafflesFive sets of surge baffles shall be installed.
Corrosion allowanceInside tank0mm
 outside tank0mm
Nominal thicknessShellInside tank6mm
  outside tank4.0mm
 HeadInside tank8mm
  outside tank6.0mm
Air pressure test pressureInside tank(MPa)1.17
FittingsAll fittings, including valves and pipe sections shall be cleaned and then fitted to the tank.
Welding joint coefficientInside tank1
 outside tank0.85
Leakage Test and Nitrogen PurgeAfter cleaning, all valves, blind flanges, caps and connected piping are installed and a leak test is performed at16.2 bar using clean and dry air.  The vessel will be delivered in a Nitrogen purged condition.  Nitrogen will be used (O2 < 0.5% residual oxygen, 0.5 bar pressure).
Main hazard category2.1
Design service life20 years
Mode of transportationRoad,Sea,Railway
Safety valveQuantityTwo
 Set Pressure+8bar
Liquid Level gaugeGrade2.5
 Measuring range(Kpa)0~2.0M  H2O
Loading and unloading deviceGas phase jointTypeFlange connection
  Nominal DiameterDN50
 liquid phase jointTypeFlange connection
  Nominal DiameterDN50
Pressure gaugeQuantityOne
 Measuring range(Mpa)0~1.6
 Precision1.6 Class
1. Inner layer - made of 6 or 8 mm thick Q235-B steel plate, compared with ordinary 5 mm thick single-layer tank, the strength is greatly improved;

2. Outer layer - tempered glass fiber thickness of 4.0mm or more, good compressive and seismic resistance. It has strong corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance;

3.Unique technology is adopted between the inner and outer layers to make it reach a gap of 0.1-1mm, so as to eliminate hidden dangers from the root;

4. Leak detector 24 hours to monitor, to prevent leakage caused by security risks;

5. Widely used for storage and transportation in dairy, beverage, wine technology, with function of anti-seismic, anti-explosion, leakage-proof and cooling.

Detailed photos for the Tank container:
ASME Manufacturing Standard ISO Tank Containers T75 40FT for LNG on Sea

Factory Workshop:
ASME Manufacturing Standard ISO Tank Containers T75 40FT for LNG on Sea

3.More Styles for the ISO tanker container:

ASME Manufacturing Standard ISO Tank Containers T75 40FT for LNG on Sea

4.Design proposal for the 20feet ISO tank container:
---Net capacity: not less than 20cubic; Shell of tank container Materials using Wisco Q235 High quality carbon steel 6mm baffle;
---Two feed inlets,bigger manhole covers, 2 NOS. pressure vent valves( breather valve) , at the end of the bottom , DN80 dump valve(discharge valve). Screw of Openings and valves adopt stainless steel screws, single coaming board on the top of tank Molybdenum red reflective tape;
---Framework is made of High quality steel, each one ladder at back and forth. With two acid resistant tube, two 4kg fire extinguishers.

5.Optional parts for the tanker container:
Volume: 20 cube meters to 52 cube meters
Material: Carbon steel/aluminum/stainless steel material
HYDROFLUDRIC ACID HCI 32%,CAUSTIC SODA NaOH 32%,NaCl. NaClO etc. Chemical Liquid.

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ASME Manufacturing Standard ISO Tank Containers T75 40FT for LNG on Sea

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