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2022-04-07 05:57:58 By : Ms. Tracy Li

In a community garden near Szelagowski Park in Poznan, Poland, architect Adam Wiercinski of Wiercinski Studio installed a shipping container home in a matter of a day. Portable Cabin, as it’s aptly named, is made up of two prefabricated units that were hauled to the site, where Wiercinski went about finishing the interiors. Then, he handed the home over to its owners, a pair of artists who have now been living in it for a year.

The design is well insulated—"It’s very comfortable, even through the winter," attest the owners—and the interiors are lined with birch plywood, creating a sense of warmth. Although the home’s footprint is a modest 580 square feet, inside are a living room and kitchenette, an area for work, a bedroom, and a bathroom with a tub. To make the space feel roomy, Wiercinski replaced the containers’ doors with a floor-to-ceiling window and glass doors. Beyond is a sizable terrace, which is nestled in trees and ferns, and looks out over a nearby river.

The exterior facades, made of thick trapezoidal sheet metal, are painted a muted green, but were otherwise left unadorned to maintain the design’s factory-made aesthetic. Wiercinski also created the external steel staircase and curving balustrade for the terrace, as well as the bench, table, and chairs.

"The great advantage of this facility is its mobility," says the architect. "In this case, the house isn’t tied to a specific place. If the owners decide to move locations, the home can go with them."

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